Our Story


Green City Grass began in the spring of 2009 as a part time venture into the messy, labour intensive, sun scorched field of urban lawn care. Originally I had the vision of an all electric, zero emission (except for my truck) battery powered operation that would stand out against the puffy black exhaust of the oil and gas fueled competitors. With the help of my trusty electric mower (and many many batteries) I struggled though grass that had no business being cut by such a machine. And though I would find the determination and patience to operate with this all electric set up for the first three years, it was soon evident that my growing business was too much for the underpowered equipment that I was trying to sustain it with.

2013 became a banner year for Green City Grass, taking on more satisfied customers and seeing a bigger future for the business. Unfortunately, my emissions had increased by an infinite amount with the addition of a beasty 21 inch commercial grade gas powered machine.  Thankfully I was able to counter the damage from that beautiful beast by enlisting the help of smarter, cleaner propane powered trimmers and leaf blowers. (http://golehr.com)

Whether or not I should still be able to call the company by its self described ‘green’ moniker was a question that kept coming to mind as I prepared to invest in and expand the company this year. The equipment may not be as eco-friendly as it was, but the company has the same interests at heart. I will always be looking for cleaner ways to take care of our valued clients’ lawns.  In fact there are some emerging technologies like http://nox-out.com that are going to make small engine exhaust much safer for human lungs. Our aforementioned propane-powered equipment produces 95% less particulate matter in it’s exhaust than it’s two-stroke gas-powered counterparts. These technologies will allow us to continue to provide cleaner services without compromising the quality of our work, which I personally feel is second to none.

Whether you call us for ongoing, full service lawn maintenance or a single fertilizer treatment, our job isn’t done until you’re happy with your lawn.  Thanks for taking the time to read and get to know Green City Grass,


Nathan Woods, Owner


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